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Foreign Staffing, Inc., is global leader in Multilingual, International Staffing and International Recruiting anywhere in the world. The market is global. You need Foreign Staffing and their expertise to help your company find the best multilingual candidate anywhere in the world

Do You Need Employees That Speak Other Languages 

CEO Ken Zwerdling has over 20 years of International Business experience during which time he established an infrastructure of multilingual networks all around the world. We know where to look, how to reach out, how to communicate and how to screen and present potential candidates anywhere in the world. 

We Are So Much More Than Just a Staffing Firm - We Don't Just Find Talent

Through it's global partners, Foreign Staffing, Inc. can not only find the most qualified candidates anywhere in the word, it can assist with payroll needs in over 150 countries, conduct international job profile assessments in 25 languages, provide tests for foreign language proficiency and conduct employee/candidate background checks all around the world.

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That the next person you hire doesn't have to be in your home town ()

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