Foreign Staffing, Inc., is leader and expert in bi-lingual and international staffing and recruiting. The market is global. You need Foreign Staffing and their expertise to help your company find the bilingual candidate for you anywhere in the world

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Do You Need Employees That Speak Other Languages

We have spent the past 18 years establishing an infrastructure of bilingual candidates all around the world; we know where they are and how to quickly reach them. Foreign Staffing, Inc. is ready to establish a successful strategic partner relationship with you, confident that our services will prove to be a great resource for your firm.

How Foreign Staffing, Inc. Will Help Your Company Grow: 

  • By quickly and efficiently finding the most qualified international bilingual candidates Foreign Staffing reduces hiring costs;
  • With FSI’s global network and processes, hiring the best candidates is faster than our competition;
  • FSI targets even passive candidates who are in the best pool of talent around the world;
  • FSI has no trouble with hard-to-fill bilingual and international positions anywhere across the globe;
  • FSI find candidates who are a cultural fit;
  • FSI staff is always available – 7 days a week/365 days a year;
  • FSI is a contingency-based firm: if you do not hire our candidate, there is no cost to you;
  • FSI prequalifies all candidates and information is normally provided within one week;
  • FSI thoroughly screens all candidates to satisfy job criteria – only those who qualify are submitted for your review.

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Did You Know?

In 2004, the cost of translation and interpretation at the European Commission was $720 million (Source - European Commission)

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