Foreign Staffing, Inc., is leader and expert in bi-lingual and international staffing and recruiting. The market is global. You need Foreign Staffing and their expertise to help your company find the bilingual candidate for you anywhere in the world

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Do You Need Employees That Speak Other Languages

We have spent the past 18 years establishing an infrastructure of bilingual candidates all around the world; we know where they are and how to quickly reach them. Foreign Staffing, Inc. is ready to establish a successful strategic partner relationship with you, confident that our services will prove to be a great resource for your firm.

How Foreign Staffing, Inc. Will Help Your Company:

  • Help you reduce the cost of hire by finding the most qualified international bilingual candidates;
  • Because of our global network and processes, the time to hire is faster than our competition;
  • We target the passive candidates to tap into the best pool of talent around the world;
  • Use us for those hard-to-fill bilingual and international positions anywhere in the world
  • We find candidates that are a cultural fit;
  • Our staff is always available – 7 days a week/365 days a year;
  • We are a contingency-based firm: if you do not hire our candidates, there is no cost to you;
  • Qualified candidate information is normally provided within one week;
  • All candidates are thoroughly screened to satisfy job criteria – only qualified candidates are submitted for your review.

    Foreign Staffing, Inc. will help your company Go Global With Confidence ®

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Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 35.5 million people aged five or older ()

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