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  • Fill Your Norwegian Jobs and reduce the cost of hire by finding the most qualified Norwegian candidates.
  • Foreign Staffing, Inc. is a global leader in Multilingual, International Staffing and International Recruiting with over 20 years of international business experience. 
  • FSI provides its comprehensive services as a retained based search firm. We facilitate the entire recruitment effort from startup until the candidate starts working.
  • Our 25-step Foreign Advantage Candidate Screening process  (FACS)™  is unparalleled in the industry for finding the best candidates for any job anywhere in the world.
  • At FSI, every position we work on is unique in terms of language, industry, and location.  Unlike many recruiting firms, FSI does not maintain a database of candidates which quickly become obsolete. We aggressively seek and recruit top performers including those not actively looking for a job. 
  • In order to provide you the very best qualified candidates, FSI goes above and beyond to  provide and administer the following tests upon request, at no cost to the client:
    • Candidate Assessments in 25 languages​
    • International Background Checks
    • Foreign Language Proficiency Testing
  • FSI has a strategic partnership with a global payroll outsourcing firm that will administer payroll, tax, compliance, and currency in over 150 countries.
  • You have our undivided attention. FSI helps companies Go Global With Confidence®​

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